Thursday, 01 December 2022

Acrylic glass gluing


Sealing tape

Block Tape

Maunual roller Adhesive tapes

Hand-UV lamps

Adhesive Barrel Swivel

Hinge Tape

UV-protective gloves

Cup tape

Light isolation tape

Contour tape

Chair leg Tape Transparent

Box tape with stretch effect

Corrugated sheet tape

Adhesive protective foil

Acrylic tape Aluminium

Acrylic adhesive tape double sided

Magnet Adhesive tapes

ACRIFIX® Reaction Adhesives

ACRIFIX® Solvent adhesives

ACRIFIX® adjuvants and dyes

Cold welding solvent


Capillary Activator


Mixing and dosing

Dispenser - complete set

Adhesive bottles for solvent, polymerisation and UV adhesives

Pipettes for solvent adhesive

glue dab

Exact-dosing system

Complete set gluing

Complete set dosing gun

Complete set of adhesive mixing

Vacuum pump

Adhesive stirrer

Drum support

Adhesive Spigot

Laboratory beaker

Gluing clamp

Venting apparatus

Vat opener

Dosing complete set ACRIFIX®

Working glove acrylic glass

Hardening adhesives

UV A curing system

UV A curing system MINI

UV edge spotlight

UV A Curing Set with ACRIFIX® 1R 9016

Gluing gadgets

Complete set butt joints

Adhesive spacer line

Adhesive rail with groove

Fast-fixing device

Gluing magnets 40mm

Gluing magnets 3mm

adhesive weights

Angle suction cup 55 mm

Angle suction cup 75 mm

Angle suction cup flexible

Downdraft Bonding table

Sheet gluing device

Vacuum retaining device

Vacuum multi-retaining device

Workplace for hazardous material

Clamping device for boxes

Parts to glue

Pull handle

round knob

Magnetic lock

Autoclose hinge


Piano Hinge

Piano hinge with center opening

Piano Hinge self-closing

Click hinge

Flex Hinge

Satin-finished flex hinge

3-point corner reinforcement horizontal

3-point corner reinforcement vertical

2-point corner reinforcement

Drawer handle

Door lock

Picture hanger sawtooth

Picture hanger keyhole

Closure corner mounting

Showcases closure horizontal mount

Distance clips


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